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Quality label „Verified Quality“

It is just today, in times of globalization, inevitable to inform consumers about what cosmetics manufacturers claim to the quality of their products. This creates transparency and trust in the diverse range of cosmetic products. We have been advising businesses in the cosmetic industry for nearly 20 years. Customers worldwide rely on our high standards we put in our daily work related to the safety and quality of cosmetic products.

Through this rigorous and neutral approach, we offer our customers to take advantage of our quality label. In the subsequent introduction of the various quality labels, we want to demonstrate what measures are necessary in order to be able to run the label.

The EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 lays down the measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the product and to protect the health of the consumer. Like any law, regulation or policy, the legal requirements can be interpreted differently. For us and our customers it goes without saying that we make a strict interpretation in the evaluation of safety.

Besides the creation of the so-called safety report by us or our partners, safety reports submitted by customers can of course be verified according to our high standards. Since in addition to the creation of the safety report, the manufacture of the cosmetic product is regulated by law (see the quality label "cosmetic GMP ISO 22716”), we call for a review of the manufacturing quality by our company. Only through this combination of “safety report and safe production ", to us the quality is out of question.

Label award

The label assignment is subject to the following basic requirements, which are reviewed by us and strictly neutral:

  • Creating the safety report in accordance with EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 by us or our partners
  • In the alternative: checking security reports made available to us according our strict criteria.
  • Auditing of production according to our criteria for the use of the quality label "cosmetic GMP ISO 22716"
  • The company is obliged to notify us of any changes to the product name, recipe, claims, and the ingredients.
  • Approval of unannounced inspections by us.

License Agreement

Between us and the user of the label a contract is concluded, containing the above detailed points. It also contains sanctions in case of a possible violation. In such case, for example, further label use can be prohibited.

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Publication of audited products

Audited products authorized to use the quality label are published in this list